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Welcome. I'm a Brooklyn, New York-based artist who photographs the urban and cultural landscape. This site features projects made in New York's hinterlands, including the subway and the DUMBO and Bushwick neighborhoods of Brooklyn (pre-gentrification and all that). Older work from Providence, Chicago, and the desert Southwest. Please write if you'd like to hear about upcoming events.


April 2015: Have a look at the project page for my upcoming book, Sweet Ruin: The Brooklyn Domino Sugar Refinery. Please Like! A crowdfunding campaign is coming soon.

June 2014: Selections from the Domino Sugar project in CurbedNY, the Daily Mail UK, ArchDaily, Artholics, Untapped Cities, and Gizmodo. Also a mention from Creative Time, in conjunction with Kara Walker's amazing installation.

October, 2013: I'm almost done photographing for my book on the long-defunct, soon-demolished Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn. Have a look at this amazing place. More details soon.

July, 2013: a selection from a new project is part of an outdoor installation at Barclays Center called Other New York, curated by Artbridge. Multimedia story in the New York Times, July 21.

June, 2013: a selection from Sub/Culture was part of All Visual Triangle, a one-night projection show at Casbah in Durham, NC.

May, 2013: a selection from Sub/Culture is featured in Le Journal de la Photographie.





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