Wilderness silver prints: $900 regardless of size. Wilderness carbon pigment ink prints: $450 regardless of size. Lost Spaces color pigment ink prints: $350. Chicago and Southwest prints: prices and availability vary, please ask. Prints from the preceding projects are signed and numbered on the back, and corner mounted without adhesives to acid-free window mats.

For Details on pricing on newer work, please see the About this Project link in each porject's portfolio page.


The gelatin silver prints are made with old formula Eastern European chlorobromide papers, toned in combinations of selenium, sulfides, and gold. If stored and displayed properly they should last hundreds of years. Because of the complexitiy of the toning process I limit the editions to ten or fewer. The papers are no longer made, so there will be no future editions.

Some images are only available as ink prints. I print all new black and white work with a digital multi-ink inkjet process called Piezography. This process, invented by Jon Cone of Cone Editions, uses several separate carbon pigment inks applied to matte-finish art papers. The image on these prints is made of carbon, and the paper base is a 100% cotton fiber stock, made by a German mill that has been producing artist’s papers since the Renaissance. These prints should have longevity at least equal to the silver prints. If an ink print fades or discolors for any reason I will replace it.  

For many of my images, the ink process is the best I've ever used. Because I can make these prints in larger editions (I limit them to 20) I can sell them for less. The price difference between these and the silver prints is a reflection of rarity, not quality.

The Lost Spaces work is printed on the same cotton fiber papers, using an eight-color pigment ink process. This is among the most lightfast color printing processes available. Editions are limited to 20.

The Sub-Culture and Domino work is printed on subtle gloss-finish, baryta coated paper s made by Europes oldest art paper mills. They produce the most beatiful gloss-finished color prints I've seen.


Most black and white prints range from 4 x 5 inch contact prints to 9 x 11.5 inch enlargements. A few of the Chicago images are printed smaller; a few of the Southwest images are larger. The color work is printed 11 inches square.


Please contact me with a detailed description of your project and the images you'd like to use. I'll reply with a quote or with questions as soon as possible.
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